8th Annual Blossom Picnic

8th Annual Blossom Picnic
Blossom Picnic poster

Date: Saturday April 14th from 11am to 2:30pm
Location: Heiwa Garden at Peace Park

11:00 Koto performance by Akiko Otsu
11:15 Tai Chi Demo by Seven Stars Tai Chi
11:40 Aikido Demo by Salt Spring Aikikai
12:00 Karate Demo by Brenda Guiled and the Karate Kids
12:30 Taiko Drum performance by Jacob Derksen
1:00 Salt Spring Japanese Children Choir
1:15 Salt Spring Japanese Singers
1:40 African Drum performance by Laurent Boucher and Iroko

The Japanese community will offer everyone’s favourite home-style sushi lunches that will be prepared for this occasion.
Spring Chirashi Sushi $6
Inari Sushi $5
Please email rkanesaka@gmail.com or mako3154@yahoo.co.jp to reserve one before they sell out.

The morning program will begin with the meditative sound of a Koto played by Akiko Otsu, followed by energetic martial art demonstrations in three different styles. A Taiko drum performance will open the afternoon program. There will be a variety of music and songs to entertain you throughout the afternoon.

The cultural experiences of the day will be:
Calligraphy demo: Mana Nakata will write your name or favourite words in Japanese with beautiful brushwork.

Tea Ceremony demo: Akiko Otsu will perform a Japanese tea ceremony and serve you an authentic bowl of matcha tea with a bite-size sweet.

Salt Spring Literacy will have an info table set up. The organization is dedicated to promoting literacy on Salt Spring and provides assistance with various language needs.

For further information, please email <rkanesaka@gmail.com> or <info@saltspringjapanesegarden.com>

We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia.

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