Tsumugu Project – new currents in traditional music

Tapestry of Japanese Sounds 2016

JGS’s annual fundraising concert

A Tapestry of Japanese Sounds Vol.3:
Tsumugu Project – new currents in traditional music

Tickets: $20 @ Salt Spring Books
Location: All Saints by-the-Sea
Date: Friday April 15th 2016
Doors open: 7pm Music starts: 7:30pm

The concert brings together three diverse performers that will create rare and inspiring sounds that are new to Canadian audiences by combining the traditional songs of the Amami Islands in the south, Tsugaru Shamisen of Aomori in the north, and the thunderous rhythms of the Taiko drum as the pulse of Japan. The result is an uplifting musical evocation of the Japanese spirit.

With their mastery of Japanese traditional art forms, Anna Sato (vocals), Chie Hanawa (Tsugaru Shamisen) and Keita Kanazashi (Taiko) have joined forces to bring these instruments and sounds to magnificent new levels.

Keita Kanazashi was drawn to the Taiko drum at a very young age and became a professional Taiko player when he was a university student. Propelled by his wish to expand the horizon of traditional expression, he has been actively collaborating with artists in various genres in both Western and Japanese music, and dance and theatre in both traditional and contemporary styles. In recent years he has also been active in teaching and holding workshops in Japan and overseas to popularize the Taiko drum.

Chie Hanawa began her Shamisen training when she was nine years old. When she was seventeen, she received a prestigious first prize in the national Shamisen competition in the women’s class, the youngest in history. Since making her professional debut in university, she has been performing solo and in groups in a variety of venues, including a concert for the Royal Household.

Anna Sato began receiving instruction in the folk songs of her home in the Amami Islands from her grandfather when she was three. Since then, she has flourished as a professional vocalist, and received numerous prizes and awards. She is expanding her range into theatre performances, such as the musical Les Misérables and Cirque du Soleil.