The 12th Annual Blossom Festival

This year’s annual Blossom Picnic will be on Sunday, May 7th, from 11am at Heiwa Garden in Peace Park. We are co-hosting the event with the local Japanese community.

This festival highlight will feature a performance by Uminari Taiko, a Japanese Taiko drumming troop from Vancouver Island, as well as Japanese classical and pop music. The Salt Spring Literacy Project will also announce the Haiku Contest winners during the event.

There will be plenty of activities for the whole family, including a costume contest, a paper airplane flying contest, origami Ninja Star making, Ninja Star target shooting, Go Fish Yo-Yo water balloons, and Omikuji fortune slips.

For your lunch, we will prepare delicious home-style Inari sushi, Omusubi rice balls, and Okonomiyaki. We recommend pre-ordering Inari Sushi (4 pieces for $7) as they are usually sold out before noon. please email <> by May 6th at 3pm.

We also kindly request any baked goods donations. Please drop it off at the Blossom Picnic’s food table between 11 am and noon on May 7th.

Thank you so much and we look forward to seeing you all at Heiwa Garden.

11:00 Opening music performance by Sarama and Noan
11:10 Opening speech
11:15 Music by the Roly Poly String Trio
11:25 Karate demonstration
12:00 Dress-up Contest
12:20 Music by Masa Ito on Shakuhachi Flute
12:40 Paper Airplane Contest
13:00 Music by Nami and Friends
13:20 Music by the Uminari Taiko
13:50 Join in and dance Bon Odori (Tanko Bushi)

Uminari Taiko